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DELTA TUTKAL is a family run business and is amongst the leading industrial adhesives companies in the Turkish market.

DELTA TUTKAL has been successfully serving its customers since 1968.

DELTA TUTKAL has a wide range of adhesives used in binding, packing, packaging, printing, labelling, handicrafts, paper bags, ceramics and construction industries.

DELTA TUTKAL high-performance adhesives' systems are for the entire spectrum of machines, applicators and for various kinds of materials that need to be bonded. Depending on the machine type, DELTA TUTKAL can supply adhesives for wheel applications (top or bottom application unit) and for high performance machines with nozzle application and with disk systems.

DELTA TUTKAL invests highly in Research and Development and has the ability to produce tailor-made products according to the needs of the customers.

DELTA TUTKAL supplies fast and reliable services with world-class quality products.

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