Delta Tutkal
Delta Tutkal
 Research and Development
Adhesives for Paper and Carton Laminates

DELTA TUTKAL offers different types of adhesives for paper and carton laminates and ensures reliable bonding on application surfaces.

DELTA TUTKAL adhesives are specifically designed for gluing surfaces in applications such as folding paper, cardboard and laminating lining etc.

DELTA TUTKAL special types of adhesives are for bonding together the most diverse materials used in making composites; all kinds of paper, paperboards, carton, corrugated boards, cellophane, metallized films, etc.

Adhesive for Corrugated Cardboard Laminates

This product is a special type of adhesive especially designed for bonding paper and corrugated cardboard.

This special DELTA TUTKAL adhesive is applicable on manual and automatic laminating machines.

Adhesive for Cellophane and Metallized Films Laminates

These products are special types of adhesives especially designed for bonding cellophane and metallized films onto porous surfaces like paper or carton.

These special DELTA TUTKAL adhesives are applicable on manual and automatic high-speed water-based film laminating machines.

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