Delta Tutkal
Delta Tutkal
 Research and Development
Paper Bags and Sacks

DELTA TUTKAL offers different types of adhesives for different kinds of paper bags and sacks and ensures reliable bonding on application surfaces.

Paper bags and sacks have many shapes, sizes and colors available in the market. Whatever the substrate, whether it is a simple type of paper or any of a huge range of films, DELTA TUTKAL has the high quality adhesives you need.

DELTA TUTKAL offers adhesives for:
bottom pasting, side seaming, valve patching, cross pasting, free film-fixing and window patching

DELTA TUTKAL adhesives are applicable,
whatever the application method, whether it is the traditional roller or sophisticated nozzles, DELTA TUTKAL offers high-performance adhesives systems for the whole spectrum of machines and applicators as well as for the substrates being bonded
  *  for hand-made applications
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